A European Broadcasting Union (EBU) report highlights 50 ways that the media can help increase public trust in journalism. The EBU, an alliance of public service media outlets representing more than 80 countries, published the report to help tackle the issues faced by public service journalism, as public trust has deteriorated following widespread political polarisation and disinformation.

“50 ways to make it better” identifies methods for building engagement and trust in the media, which includes television, online channels and radio. The recommendations are sourced from a survey of more than 60 top-level media executives and from 150 proposals sent in by people within and outside of the media field, offering solutions to the problem.

To counter the erosion of public trust in journalism, the report presents ways in which media services can help increase public trust and engagement with members of society. Examples of these efforts include: focusing on diversity and representation, breaking journalistic taboos, listening more attentively to the audience and tackling information overflows.

Overall, the report aims to highlight the challenges and opportunities faced in the media and bring to the forefront the value of reliable journalism. It also looks at how the media can tackle political segregation and polarisation and how to address online and offline disinformation.

To find out more, visit the EBU website.

Source: https://www.ebu.ch/publications/news-report-2018-50-ways-to-make-it-better